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Manito Park

City living in Spokane, Washington affords urban dwellers an attractive outdoor experience at Manito Park.  Full of mature trees, grassy hillsides and walking paths - Manito Park is Spokane's "central park".

Located just south of Downtown Spokane, about half-way up  Grand Blvd, Manito Park has something for everyone of any age.  Next time you visit the Davenport district in Spokane, set aside some time to drive up the south hill to Manito Park to take in a slice of urban park life.

If you enjoy a brisk walk or perhaps a jog with your MP3 after work, Manito Park has what it takes to make your workout not only time well spent, but scenic time well spent.

Think of Manito Park as Spokane's Central Park.  Even older and more significant that downtown's Riverfront Park, Manito has been around longer, is more quaint and has a lot more to look at and enjoy.

If you are a Spokane Urbanite that would enjoy a park that provides attractive views, small shops, coffee spots and cute homes, then check out Manito Park - my bet is you will have a great time outdoors.


Emily Winger - Spokane Urbanite and Manito Park fan.

City Parks for Urbanites

Looking for a place to quietly jog with your MP3 player?

How about a scenic park setting only minutes from downtown?

Manito Park is a nice place to enjoy a jog along the many paths and trails that wind through the 90 acre park in Spokane.

For more information about Manito Park, check out this website - www.manitopark.org - it has the information about the park.