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Manito Park is a large central park in Spokane.  Just south of downtown it is a short drive and a good place to enjoy the outdoors that isn't far from Spokane downtown metro life.  There are many trails and paths in Manito Park, lots of beautiful flowers, trees, etc.  There are also tennis courts, playgrounds for kids and picnic spots.  I really like going on my jogs through Manito listening to my music.  Or sometimes my friends and I sit under the big trees sipping coffee and conversing.  Either way, I really like Manito Park and if you are a Spokane Urban Metro Lifestyle enthusiast like me, then you will love it too.  See you there!

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Browns Addition is a great place to live.  Historic old mansions converted to townhomes and apartments make a great place to live for young metro's working in downtown Spokane.  Some places even have a pretty good view of downtown or even the Spokane River.  There are some good small specialty shops and cafes in Brown's too.  My friends and I hang out there sometimes and can at times be found getting drinks at the Elk.  See you there.

Manito Park

Here are some of my favorite links for metro lifestyle places around Spokane.  Also, I included some more information I found online that I thought was really helpful about Manito Park. 

See you at Manito Park!

Manito Park is a great place to jog or walk with my MP3 player, relax after a long work day or take in some morning quiet time.  If you visit Manito Park in Spokane, my bet is you will not be disappointed.  I just love it and I think you will too.


Emily Winger - Manito Park Spokanite